Covid 19 Protocol

Covid 19 protection measures


All, linen, bedding protecters, cushion covers, blankets etc.will either be changed or washed.

Cookware will be washed or sprayed.  Please rinse all cookware before use.

Crockery and cutlery will be available from the dishwasher for you to unpack on arrival.

All hard surfaces will be cleaned with an anti bac cleaner

The bathroom will be cleaned with a bleach cleaner

Soft furnishings will be sprayed and washable covers used where possible.

Some items will be removed from the cottage to minimise touch surfaces e.g. books, magazines etc,  so it may feel a little emptier than usual.  Items that are left in e.g. cushions will be either cleaned or swapped out on a turnabout basis.

I will provide a antibac cleaner and hand sanitiser for your convenience.


On the day of your arrival I will place the key in the back of the door, and you will be able to go straight in and make yourselves at home.

A welcome tray is provided upon request, these edible products contain, dairy, sugar, wheat flour, fruit and may not be suitable for anyone with allergies.

Your crockery can be found in the dishwasher and can be placed in the wall rack/hooks provided

Cushions for the outside chairs are tucked beside the sofa, please bring them inside if rain is forecast.

You are welcome to enjoy your patio garden and the pond, but ask that you do not encroach on the privacy of the people in the cottage next door.

We hope you will enjoy the bird life and please let us know if your feeders are empty.

While I am sure we will see you to wave to and have a chat over the fence, we would ask that if you have any problems during your stay that you contact us by phone. With your agreement we would prefer to undertake any maintenance / repairs while you are out, unless it’s urgent.

For your information the health centre / pharmacy is a 10 minute drive in Botesdale and appointments must be booked on 01379 898295 from 8.30am.


Please can you strip the beds and place all the linen and towels in a basket/bag I will provide

Please empty all your bins and place the rubbish bags in the wheelie bins just inside the gate.

Please do not leave any unused food items, cloths, plastic bags or other items in the cottage.

Please load the dishwasher with the crockery and cutlery before you leave.

If you feel able to give the touch surfaces in the cottage a quick clean with the antibac cleaner before you leave, I would appreciate that small effort to protect me before I come in for the deep clean.

I hope the additional precautions give you the confidence to enjoy the cottage and wish you a happy holiday